Walker Medical Management, Inc 

Medical Insurance Billing
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Walker Medical Management, Inc has experience with multiple specialties

    • Cardiology                                            Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery   
    • Cosmetic Surgery                                 Pediatric Reconstructive Surgery
    • Gatroenterology                                  Physical Medicine
    • Hand Surgery                                       Physicial Rehabilitation
    • Infectious Disease                               Plastic Surgery
    • Infertility                                              Recontructive Surgery
    • MRI & CT                                              Respitory
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology                  Urology
    • Otolaryngology


Walker Medical Management, Inc. has experience with varied payers

    • Medicare
    • Medi-cal
    • Medicaid
    • California Children's Services
    • EPO plans
    • HMO plans
    • PPO plans
    • Capitation plans
    • Workers Compensatin
    • etc


Insurance Billing Overview

Perform coding / modifier review
Accurate data entry
Electronic claim submission
HCFA 1500 claim submission
UB 04 claim submission
Extensive accounts receivable follow-up
Accurate payment posting
Explanation of Benefits (EOB) review
Secondary claim submission
Patient statements and follow up
Administrative appeals

Elligence by Data Strategies

State of the art software
Secure / HIPAA compliant
Physician and biller access to data
Comprehensive custom reports

Additional software options available

Physician / Insurance contracting and credentailling

Surgical Scheduling

Additional services provided

Financial analysis reports
Practice management / systems inprovement
Effective physician / biller communication
Revenue evaluation
Manage / improve accounts receivable
Problem solving abilities

Web Hosting